Castle of Saint Brisson

It is since January 2015 that the company Tous Au Château took over the management of the Château de Beaumesnil, property of the Fürstenberg-Beaumesnil Foundation.

The company was created by Lancelot Guyot in May 2014 after having completed EDHEC in Lille. Its goal is simple: to reconcile the general public with Heritage without distorting it in order to pass it on to the next generations in the best possible conditions.The company wishes to develop original projects with a healthy and lasting management of a tourist site which will allow castles in difficulty to cross the 21st century.

The company also manages the Château de Saint Brisson sur Loire, an essential Loire keeper and the Château de La Ferté Saint Aubin near Orléans.

If you want to know more about the company:

Beaumesnil Castle

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Beaumesnil Castle Park

Tourism quality



Qualité Tourisme ™ values our commitment to quality hospitality and services.

To obtain this mark, we had to successfully follow a quality approach in accordance with the Qualité Tourisme ™ criteria. The essential requirements to satisfy tourist customers are:

  • A warm welcome
  • Attentive staff
  • Proficiency in foreign languages
  • Personalized services
  • Clear and precise information
  • Cleanliness and comfort guaranteed
  • The discovery of a destination
  • Taking into account the opinion of customers (thanks to the systematic analysis of satisfaction surveys and complaints).

With Qualité Tourisme ™, our services are regularly subjected to an independent evaluation at least every 5 years in the form of a mystery visit. This system allows us to integrate all the benefits of a process of continuous improvement of our activity.

tourism quality

Our commitments to the environment


The Château de Beaumesnil is committed to the environment through various sustainable development actions:
- no watering in summer
- no treatment on the aisles for weeds
- shop only for local products
- mandatory sorting at reception (no other trash on the site)
- the least amount of plastic packaging
Historic kitchens Château de Beaumesnil


The General Council has been with us for many years now. His support has been and is always decisive in the organization of our events such as Christmas at the Castle for example. We would like to thank them warmly for this long-standing support.


Also with us for a long time, the Departmental Tourism Committee.


Chateau Harcourt

Castle and Domaine d'Harcourt


Discover a medieval fortress whose origin dates back to the birth of Normandy.
In the heart of Normandy, this masterpiece of medieval architecture, dating from the 12th and 14th centuries, was greatly altered in the 17th century. The castle remains surrounded by part of the surrounding wall and bordered by a double ditch. A permanent exhibition will allow you to understand the site, its history and that of Harcourt which are among the oldest families in France. Harcourt overlooks a superb arboretum installed here since 1802 and considered to be the oldest in France. It is also a very pleasant promenade park.

Château du Blanc Buisson


In the Pays d'Ouche in Normandy, discover a castle whose origin dates back to the end of the 13th century.
At the edge of the Eure, the Château du Blanc-Buisson is a very beautiful Norman feudal residence built under the reign of Philippe le Bel in 1290. During the following 7 centuries, it belonged only to three families and s is almost always transmitted by marriage or family inheritance. You will be seduced by this house, which is among the last vestiges of this architecture of the after Middle Ages in the Pays d'Ouche. Your curiosity will be aroused at the mention of the legend which evokes the presence of underground passages passing under the moats ... Each year in spring, an association of enthusiasts bringing together owners of the places and inhabitants of the region organizes beautiful cultural events which give life to this 700 year old Norman heritage! The estate now hosts seminars, events and à la carte stays with the possibility of privatizing the castle and staying on site.
Member of the Bienvenue en Normandie network.
The estate now hosts seminars, events and à la carte stays with the possibility of privatizing the castle and staying on site.
Bush White
vegetable garden 10001 vegetables

Vegetable garden 1001 Vegetables


Come and meet more than 500 varieties of vegetables, a vegetable garden unique in Normandy!
Here is an original place, in the heart of a very Norman village. The Potager de Beaumesnil is located near the castle. It is dedicated to biodiversity in all its forms. The varieties of vegetables are numerous and usual, and many are old like the little-known "Pont-Audemer bean". Also discover the conservatory vegetable garden which brings together a collection of almost 100 species of tomatoes. In May, "Papotages au Potager" launches the entertainment season, all as fun as each other, like, among others, the last weekend of September, the Festival of 1001 vegetables!

Bec-Hellouin Abbey


Historical monument property of the State, the abbey is still occupied by Benedictine monks whose artisanal production of ceramics contributes to the contemporary fame of the Bec-Hellouin. The majestic Saint-Nicolas tower dominates the convent buildings and the 17th century cloister where a peaceful atmosphere floats.
beak hellouin abbey
Jardin du clos chanchore

Clos Chanchore Garden


Entirely designed, planted and maintained by its owners, the Clos de Chanchore, created from 1988, has 9,000 m2 of two rose gardens, one of old roses, the other of modern roses: in total more than 350 varieties. Very colorful massifs, preserving beautiful perspectives, also include collections of hydrangeas, camellias, rhododendrons, hostas, many perennials. In addition, an "arboretum", planted on 7,000 m2, includes trees of interest.

Chocolatrium Cluizel


The family business Cluizel, one of the leaders in high-end chocolate, installed for 70 years in Normandy. One of the rare chocolate factories to master the transformation of the cocoa bean into cocoa mass and then into chocolate. Four generations participate in the excellence of its know-how. The Chocolatrium is a museum, workshops and tastings.
chocolatrium cluizel
castle battlefield

Battlefield Castle


About the Battlefield, Jean de La Varende wrote: “Here the scale reigns. The decor only comes into play after the declaration of power ”. This idea guided Jacques Garcia when he recreated, from almost nothing, gardens which doubtless had been sumptuous, but whose time had erased until the last trace. Rejecting the option of an anachronistic reconstruction of French gardens in the fashion of the Grand Siècle, Jacques Garcia had to immediately take the side of a contemporary work drawing on the ancient source. The inspiration of the moment in lifelong forms: this has been the guiding principle of a resolutely current park, hatched within the framework of a classic structure.