Beaumesnil Castle

History of the Foundation

Jean and Eugénie Fürstenberg



In the middle of the 20th century, the Fürstenbergs settled in Beaumesnil.


They give back to the park its current aspect of a French park and will gradually constitute the exceptional collection of bindings that we discover today in the library and the museum.


Jean Fürstenberg, banker of Berlin origin, and his wife Eugénie, of Russian origin, bought Beaumesnil in 1939. Returning from the United States after the Second World War, they settled, like their predecessors, in the pavilions of Entrance.


In addition to the work in the park, the couple complete the furnishings with a very beautiful collection of paintings and furniture from different eras.


Childless, to create this heritage on December 5, 1964, they created the Fürstenberg-Beaumesnil foundation, recognized as being of public utility.


At the request of Jean Fürstenberg made personally to André Malraux, Minister of Culture, the castle and its park are classified as Historic Monuments.

Beaumesnil CastleFürstenberg Beaumesnil Foundation
Beaumesnil Castle

The Fürstenberg-Beaumesnil foundation



After devoting a part of their life and their fortune to Beaumesnil, Jean and Eugénie Fürstenberg died in their field three months apart, respectively on April 2 and June 25, 1982. Their names are now attached to the history of this place where they will have been passionate patrons.


When the Fürstenbergs died, the management and then the presidency of the foundation were taken over by Guy Dumont-Saint-Priest, a loyal collaborator of Jean Fürstenberg. He will assume this function until his death in 2004.

At the request of the Board of Directors, his son Frédéric became the current president of the foundation.

Since January 1, 2015, the company "Tous au château" has been in charge of operating the site.

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