The Foundation :

The Fürstenberg Foundation. 

The Fürstenberg-Beaumesnil Foundation was created by Jean Fürstenberg (1890 - 1982) with the purpose of preservation of the Beaumesnil estate: the château, its gardens, its park and its collections.This private foundation owns the Beaumesnil estate since the death of Mr. and Mrs. Fürstenberg in 1982. It was recognized as being of public interest in 1966.Jean Fürstenberg was a great bibliophile, château de Beaumesnil possesses today an outstanding collection of rare and ancient books which are presented as a part of a museum of book-binding.



























You all know that we have a cruel lack of funds for financing our projects and activity.


Please remember that as our foundation has a status of being of public interest, all your donations will be considered as tax-deductible:


  • For the individuals, 66 % of the donation is deductible from your IR (impôt sur le revenu) (20 % of income) or 75% of the I.S.F. (Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune) (immediate effect because you deduct the money directly from the amount you calculated).

  • The enterprises can deduct 60% from their I.S. with the limit of 0,5% of their turnover. A donation of 10000 euros will cost you only 4000 euros. In addition, we offer some forms of compensation such as free services or services with discounts up to 25% of your donation (2500 euros for this example). Not saying about the benefits of an image… As the result, you get back 85% of your donation!


For those who prefer a "dedicated" patronage rather than general, we can propose specific themes, all of which concern the most urgent needs of estate. You will find examples on the attached list.


You have just a problem of choice while we take over a dilemma of running priorities.


We hope for your partnership and for having a possibility to host your receptions in our exceptional place with a comfort of new arrangement.


See you soon.



Becoming a patron of Beaumesnil