Château of Gourmets


  • Visit on the topic of history of gastronomy and arts of table setting.


  • Gallery of famous kitchens. Games for both big and small ones about the history of gastronomy. 



  • Cooking workshops for children



  • Demonstration of kitchen and degustation of the Beaumesnil caramel in the historic kitchen of the château.

Individual visit 


The visitors of the Château de Beaumesnil have pleasure to discover this remarkable architectural ensemble during a free visit. Due to a visitor’s guide which will be given to you at the entrance, you will have a possibility to discover castle history as well as its completely furnished indoors.


New in 2015: restored kitchen of XVII century & brand new tour to discover parks and gardens 360* around the château.





















Museum of book-binding


In 2015, a museum of book-binding was completely rearranged in the new space on the 1st floor of the château which was closed to the public before. New museography on almost 200 m2: discover a unique fabulous collection of ancient books of Jean Fürstenberg. You can also enjoy marvelous French style gardens of Beaumesnil extending on 4 hectares during your visit, not forgetting about water mirror and box-tree mound. In 2016, Beaumesnil opens its doors on the topic of gastronomy and gourmandise. To learn more about “Château of gourmets” click here


Group visit 

Château de Beaumesnil welcomes groups of over 20 persons all year long on reservation.


Thanks to our partners: association 1001 légumes and l'hotellerie du Lion d'or we offer you to arrange an unforgettable day in Beaumesnil.  

You can choose between two types of visit:


  • The free visit of the château and its park with a paper guide given to each member of the group which will allow you to have all the necessary information concerning the château, its history and outdoors. Price: 7,50 euros per person.


  • A guided visit of château to discover all the secrets. Price: 8,50 euros per person.


  • In addition:A delicious performance in the historical kitchen of the château with demonstration of making and further degustation of Beaumesnil caramel. Price: additional 1 euro per person.


To continue your visit we offer you to have a dinner in château orangery and then to visit vegetable garden of Beaumesnil. For more information, please download the document:





For more information, contact us here.



Reopening april 2017

Easter Weekend :  Easter egg hunt


more information in a few months