Christmas at the Castle

The activity Christmas at the Castle is an interactive and magical family tour on the estate of a Norman castle. Come save Christmas!

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Christmas at the Castle, a magical adventure for the whole family!

You want to enjoy a magical experience with your family for Christmas? How about letting the magic happen thanks to our Christmas at the Castle activity?

Every year, the Christmas spirit takes hold of the Château de Beaumesnil during the whole month of December.

So that you may immerse yourself even more in the warm and festive atmosphere of the holiday season, the castle’s team has prepared an exceptional family adventure! You must save Christmas! As simple as that! You may not know yet, but Santa is preparing the distribution of presents directly in the castle…

Find out what awaits you.

The plot of the activity “Christmas at the Castle”

The story

Do you believe in Christmas magic? Yes? Well this is great luck because Santa needs you! Just as he should have been in top form to prepare for the distribution of gifts, he got sick instead… Your mission: help get him back on his feet by meeting his elves and animals in his castle – the Château de Beaumesnil, of course! His first elf, Barnabé, will explain everything that you need to accomplish during this mission, but here is what he will, on the whole, ask of you: to gather on your path everything that Santa likes, going through the stables and its miniature animals, his private apartments, the kitchens (where his favorite recipe is getting prepared), the toy attic and the elves’ treasure room; observe, touch, smell, taste, sing and create objects until your final encounter with Santa, whom you will need to comfort with everything you will have gathered!

The investigation takes the form of an interactive tour which will end once you meet Santa in order to comfort him and help him heal. This amazing adventure will take you on a magical journey, through the decorated grounds of the castle. Prepare for a two-hour tour to fulfill your mission. One thing is certain, Christmas’s fate is truly in your hands!

What our visitors think!

Jérémy D.

I visited the castle with my whole family for Christmas, after having tried the Halloween experience. The decorations were wonderfully done, the team really committed. What a pleasure to stroll through the castle and to see children be amazed. Not to miss! 😀 See you next year

Gaelle G.

Wonderful discovery of the castle during the Christmas season.

Michel B.

Wonderful visit as part of the “searching for Santa” game. Very nice tour for children (and grandchildren), great atmosphere and decorations! A great job! And I am sure that, once he is found, Santa is the real one for he is so handsome! 😉


Recommended age

From age 3



Upcoming dates

December 2024

2024 prices



Reduced (12-20 years old), Person with Reduced Mobility


Child (5-11 years old)


Toddler (0-4 years old)


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Frequently asked questions

No. The activity Christmas at the Castle is not doable with a stroller: a baby-carrier is strongly recommended.
Yes. We strongly advise you to book your tickets online. Places are limited for this activity.
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