The Ghosts of Beaumesnil

During the All Saints’ holiday, a chilling adventure awaits you in our haunted Chateau!

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Haunted escape room at the Château de Beaumesnil!

Have you ever set foot in an abandoned mansion where the only souls present are tormented by painful memories?

The Ghosts of Beaumesnil invite you on this adventure, which combines investigation, haunted settings, exit games and immersive theater, to live a chilling experience at the Château de Beaumesnil.

With your family or friends, you will get approximately 1h30 to discover the story of a forgotten ghost, to rebuild his life, find out about his death and try and break the curse that has been cast over this great mansion. You will go back in time, you will learn the history of the estate by meeting the souls that still inhabit it… and you will certainly not remain indifferent as you leave the place!

This full-scale activity will allow you to visit the entirety of the castle in a new and unique way during the All Saints' holiday. And all that will happen in the icy and unwelcoming atmosphere of the haunted Château de Beaumesnil, less than 10 minutes from Bernay, and in the middle of the Eure.

What our Ghost hunters think!

Niko L.

Great castle and mostly, what a nice haunted Château activity for the holidays and Halloween! Chills, puzzles and ghosts… A great afternoon to have fun and scare ourselves!

Mickael R.

We did the family ghost hunt and it was really nice.. we were very well received, the Halloween atmosphere was well orchestrated. The quest is suitable for all ages, it’s not too long nor too short. We had a really great time.

Valerie B.

We had a lot of fun during the Halloween escape game. A beautiful memory

Frédéric C.

Very beautiful castle! The Halloween escape game is really well made. We’d do it again without hesitation


Recommended age

From age 6


Between 1h30 and 2h

Upcoming dates

All Saints' Holidays

2024 prices



Reduced (12-20 years old), Person with Reduced Mobility


Child (5-11 years old)


Toddler (0-4 years old)


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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Some night activities are available during the All Saints' holiday for a more mature public
Yes and no. This adventure is thought for families, an adult public need not fear screams and chills. However, the night-time ambience, the haunted settings, the saturated lights and the ghosts may impress a young audience.
Yes but... You will be able to walk autonomously in the castle with an adventure booklet. However, we ask you to follow the direction of the tour and to listen to the instructions given during the whole visit.
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