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Schools, leisure centers and associations, do you want to organize an outing with a group of children? Organize an original school trip at the Château de Beaumesnil!

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Visiting the Château de Beaumesnil with a school group

Are you a teacher and do you want to make your pupils enter the world of the Norman Châteaux? Do you want to know more about the services offered to school groups at the Château de Beaumesnil? Here is what we have in store for you. On this page, discover what the castle has to offer to school groups!

The entire team at the castle makes sure to adapt school tours to the age of the children that compose each visiting group. Each of the classes, from kindergarten to secondary school will find what they are looking for. On the basis of a tour of the castle and/or the park, choose the options that you want!

Usually, visits for groups of children mostly focus on life inside a castle during the 17th and 18th centuries. For younger audiences, the idea is first and foremost to introduce them to new vocabulary words. If you want to support some aspects of your class’s history syllabus, you can contact us and we will make sure to adapt our tours to your educational objectives.

School packages

Self-guided tour of exteriors

Starting at 3€/child

Self-guided tour of exteriors and interiors

Starting at 5,50€/child

Adventure Course option


Little Chefs option


Sigillography workshop option


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